Saturday, April 7, 2007

Washington State CTE Legislative Issues

Last year, Washington made historical gains in the case of CTE funding. Those same lawmakers are reviewing a list of CTE issues this session.

Thanks to WAVE - the Washington Association for Career and Technical Education for this list.

Issue: Updated Equipment and Technology
Investment: 2007-09 - $10M - $5M per year

Rationale: Equipment & technology should be appropriated on an on-going basis.

* Equipment and technology needs are intensive in Career and Technical Education

* Train students on up-to-date, quality equipment to meet the demands of business and industry
* Districts need the ability for long-range planning for the replacement of equipment and technology
* Fund CTE equipment at $75 per FTE for the comprehensive high schools and $125 per FTE for skills centers
* The funds should not be supplanted and no indirect charges applied

Issue: Skills Centers

Investment: $4M+

Rationale: The 2006 legislature approved a study of skills centers under SB 5717 – recommendations include:

* Expanded FTE – removal of 1.0 FTE lid – provide parity between school districts, skills centers, and running start funding
* Address rural, remote, distance, and extended learning
* High Demand Fields – startup funding
* Establish rules for skills center operation and start up
* Dropout prevention and retrieval
* Academic Support

Issue: Certificated CTE Director

Investment: TBD

Rationale: There continues to be an erosion of certified CTE Directors in local school districts. To assist in this arena, the following is recommended:

* Increase CTE leadership at the district level
* CTE Director should meet certification requirements
* CTE Director Certification should be based on competencies
* Provide an incentive (up to $20,000/pro-rated) to districts who hire a certified CTE Director

Issue: Enhanced Funding for Career and Technical Student Leadership Organizations (CTSOs)

Investment: $106,000 increase

Rationale: The CTSOs are funded annually in the state budget in the amount of $97,000 per year. The original amount was $200,000 but a 3% reduction was taken several years ago.

* Request is for $300,000 for the biennium or an increase of $106,000
* Original request was for five CTSOs to be funded, there are now six with the addition of the Technology Student Association (TSA)

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